“The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will.”
Andy Warhol

Art tells a story about a place and its culture at any given time, however the idea that art is something that is only created on canvas is vastly incorrect. Art is everything that is created in life to represent something larger than itself.

This site is a direct reflection of the global research that I did for my graduate thesis project on the semiotics of street art, examining street art and shopfront visuals as a way to understand culture and a particular society at any given time. Separated into various sections of art: media (primarily advertising found in magazines or on billboards), storefront marketing, and street art, these visual examples serve as a foundation for a deeper analysis into the viability of urban and contemporary art to tell a cultural story.

The global perspective of this site functions as a pulse in itself, providing life to art on an international perspective, allowing the viewers and users of this blog to engage in a cultural conversation about the life that exists around them.

The final thesis and its excerpts can be viewed by emailing kristynpotter85@webster.edu. It is a culmination of the education and experiences received at Webster University St. Louis, as well as Webster Graduate School London.

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