“The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will.”
Andy Warhol

This site is an example and extension of the global research that I did for my graduate thesis project on the semiotics of street art, examining street art and shopfront visuals as a way to understand culture and prevalent cultural themes as it relates to a given time and place. Separated into various sections of art: media (primarily advertising found in magazines or on billboards), storefront visuals, and street art, these aesthetic examples serve as an essential foundation for a much deeper analysis into the viability of contemporary art as cultural communication.

The global perspective of this site functions as a pulse in itself, providing life to art on an international perspective, allowing the audience of this blog to engage in a cultural conversation about the life that exists around them.

To read the final thesis and its excerpts email kristynpotter85@gmail.com. It is a culmination of the education and experiences received at Webster University St. Louis and Webster Graduate School London.

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